Deep Comp- 1/26/16

Yoga opportunity for free.99 Thursday at noon! Text me or Eric for more details!

I. Goat Warm-Up

3 Rounds
16 Calorie Row (comfortable pace)
8 GH Raise
2 Skin the Cats (Slow)

II. Technique

On Toes Jerk Balance
3 x 5
Using an empty barbell, start with the bar elevated to eye level, rise to your toes and pause for a second, then drive with the arms and move the feet into your split position.

III. Weightlifting

A. Behind Neck Jerk
4 x 3

*Use blocks, drop every rep to blocks. 

**Rest no more than 2 minutes between sets.

B. Dip Pausing Jerk Drive (2s Pause)
3 x 3 100-102%
*Rest 60s

IV. Conditioning

15 Wallball and 3 Burpees
5/4 Calorie Bike and 10 C2B
10 KBs 70/53#

Rest 5 Minutes


  1. Just like the last two weeks, optional ME KBs for extra reps on the second EMOM.


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