Deep Comp- 1/25/16

Alright ladies and gentlemen, 4 weeks until open week #1. This is the beginning of our second 3 week training wave that will be followed by a back off week leading to the open week..

The time to lock it in is now. Make those last sacrifices you've been putting off, prioritize optional conditioning workouts, and spend extra time on active recovery.

I wanted to recognize and thank our deep community members coach Cam and Ben for representing Crossfit Deep well at World War Fit Dallas, and give an extra congrats to our fellow Deepcomp teammate Chandler, for taking home the gold. Well done guys!


  1. Fittest Games is in Austin this weekend. Janet, Laurie, Cam, and Jason are competing team. Justin is competing masters, and Taylor is competing pro.
  2. No Saturday workout this week. Please come down to Austin and support your teammates if you are able.

I. Goat Warm-Up

3 Rounds
10 Calorie AB (55/45, 65/55, 75/65 RPM)
4 T2B + 3 Pullups + 2 C2B + 1 BMU


21 Fast UB Overhead Squats at 105/75#

  1. Focus on fluid kip variations and developing body control through different bar gymnastics.

II. Strength

Back Squat- 5-3-1-5-3-1
(based off last week's triple)

  1. Belt as needed

III. Weightlifting

Every 2 For 16 Min (8 sets)
1 Power Snatch + 1 Snatch
5 Strict HSPU

  1. Start at 75% and build as able. No misses on either movement.

IV. Conditioning

100 Bar Facing Burpees
100 Double Unders
ME Squat Clean 225/155#

V. Optional Conditioning

5k Row at 75-80% effort (slightly more challenging than a recovery pace)
Every 4 Minutes:
10 Second Bent Batwing Hold (light KB in each arm)
5 Candlesticks or Strict Toe/Shin to Bar

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