Deep Comp - 09/08/15

I. Warm-Up

Standing Straddle x 2 Minutes
Jog 600m
(Twisted) Lizard x 2 Minutes
Barbell Warmup

II. Strength

A. E2MOM 6 (3 sets):
Mid Thigh Block Snatch Pull - 70% x 2

B. E2MOM 6 (3 sets):
Clean DL to Knee + Clean Pull - 70% x 3+1

C. E2MOM 6 (3 sets):
Front Squat - 70% x 3

The notation "3+1" means you will do 3 reps of the first exercise and 1 rep of the second in each set (for a total of 4 reps in that set). For example, "Push Press + Jerk - 65% x 2 +1" means 2 push presses, then 1 jerk in each set.
The notation "75% x 2(1+1)" means you will do 1 rep of the first exercise, then 1 rep of the next, and repeat that one more time. For example, "Clean pull + Clean - 75% x 2(1+1)" means you will do 1 clean pull, 1 clean, 1 clean pull, 1 clean in each set.

III. Gymnastics

Strict Pullups 8x8 (rest 1:30)

IV. Engine

2k Row Time Trial

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