Deep Comp - 09/14/15

I. Warm-Up

Standing Straddle x 2 Minutes
Jog 600m
(Twisted) Lizard x 2 Minutes
Barbell Warmup

II. Strength

A. E2MOM 10 (5 sets)
Mid-Thigh Block Snatch Pull + Snatch - 70% x 2(1+1)

B. E2MOM 10 (5 sets)
Mid-Thigh Block Clean Pull + Clean - 70% x 2(1+1)

C. E2MOM 6 (3 sets)
Clean DL to Knee + Clean Pull - 80% x 3+1

D. E3MOM 12 (4 sets)
Back Squat - 65% x 5 - #21X2

III. Skillrobic

Strict Pullups 8x8 (rest 1:20)

IV. Engine

Row 8 x 500m @ 2k pace (rest 2:00) 

  1. Precision is the name of the game. If you're 2k pace is 2:00.0, then you should strive to hit exactly 2:00.0 for all eight rows. Faster is NOT better. Trust the process. Be sure to set up your rower's variable intervals, so it counts rest for you and shows you your results at the end (memory).

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