Deep Comp - 08/17

I. Warm Up

5 minute Assault Bike
Teres Minor Mash
Barbell warmup

  1. Spend extra time with just a bar working positions and drilling speed and crisp footwork

II. Strength

E2MOM 24 (12 sets):
Sets 1-3: up to 70%
Sets 4-6: up to 80%
Sets 7-9: up to 90%
Sets 10-12: up to 103%

  1. Don't take more than 12 attempts since you have heavy back squat afterwards.

Back Squat - 85% x 3 x 4
(Rest 4-5 Minutes)

  1. Get the work done. Add gear if necessary. 

III. Skillrobic

6 Rounds
3 Weighted Dips (+5-10#)
12 Wallball 20/14#
36 Double Unders
Rest 90s

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