Deep Comp - 07/11/205

I. Warm-Up

750m Row 

8 Tall Box Jumps

20 GHD Slow Back Extensions

60s Pec Mash e/s

  1. Pick a challenging box height for the tall box jumps.
  2. Back Extensions are NOT the same thing as Hip Extensions. Round the back slowly and then relink each vertibrae on the way up.

II. Strength 

A1. Bench Press - 75% x 5 x 5 - (Rest 30)

A2. Strict L-Chin Ups - 5 x 5 -  #21X1 (Rest 90)

  1. Substitute a 5 second L hang + a normal strict chin up if too difficult.

III. Conditioning

Teams of 4

Every 6 for 36 Minutes (6 Rounds):

Partners 1 & 2
30 Yard Sled Push (heavy)
90 Yard Shuttle Sprint

Partners 2 & 3
80 Ft Yoke Carry 135/95# + 53/35# KBs
40 Ft Bear Crawl

  1. Partner-pairs trade off doing both movements in quick succession
  2. Once both partners have completed their station, they will switch with the other pair
  3. Score is slowest time for both partner-pairs to complete both stations

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