Deep Comp - 07/31/15

I. Warm-Up

20 Cal Row
2 Mins e/s Box-Seated Hamstring Mash
30 Russian Kettlebells Swings 70/53#

II. Strength

Deadlift - 85% x 3 x 5 - #10X2 Drop from top after each rep
(Rest 2 Minutes)

Clean - 83% x 2 x 5 
(Rest 2 Minutes)

III. Conditioning

Every 4 for 12 Minutes (3 Rounds):
30 Wallball
20/16 Calorie Row
10 Muscle Ups / 5 Jumping Muscle Ups

  1. If you fall off pace, rest 90 seconds.
  2. Goal is to go UB on wallball, 60 seconds on row, and have the remainder of time for muscle ups and rest.
  3. Scale to c2b pull ups if necessary.

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