Deep Comp - 07/29/15

I. Warm-Up

400m Run
10 V-Roll to Pistol Balance e/s
10 Single Leg Box Jumps e/s
60 Second Barbell Bicep Mash
60 Second Partner Lat / Teres Band Stretch

II. Strength

Front Squat - 80% x 1.1 x 6 - #40X1 

  1. Rack bar and rest 5 Seconds before second single. Focus is on strengthening upper back and torso position

Split Jerk - 73% x 2 x 5 

  1. 2 Second pause in the split position on rep 2. 

III. (Barbell) Conditioning

5 Rounds
5 Push Press 155/110#
20 Assault Bike Calories

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