Deep Comp - 07/03/2015

I. Warm-Up

PNF Hamstring Stretch
500m Row
20 Ring Row
30 DB Dead Walks (video)

II. Strength

Deadlift - 75% x 5 x 5 

  1. No bounce, stay tight and lightly touch the ground. 
  2. No belts, cut weight if unable to maintain solid midline

Clean - 75% x 3 x 5 

  1. Perform dip-drive on last set.

III. Skillrobic

3 Min Max Distance HS Walk
(regionals was 250')

If you've never done 20' unbroken:

  1. 4-5x 60s Nose and Toes on Wall.
  2. If too easy, add shoulder touches during hold.

IV. Conditioning

3 Rounds
21 Calorie Assault Bike
21 Burpees to 6" Target
3:30 Min Rest

  1. Record time for each round

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