Deep Comp- 12/9/15

I. Warmup

30 Cal A/B
2 Rounds
10 Strict Regular Grip Pullups
10 Kipping Ring Dips

  1. Yes, we did a lot of muscleups yesterday, work out the soreness with a lacrosse ball before performing this.
  2. If you are still too sore, do not do them.

II. Strength

A. Deadlift - work to 2x2 @85-90%

  1. Touch and Go. Pick a percentage based on how you're feeling today.

B. Speed Deadlifts - 3x4 @70%

  1. Drop from the top each rep and focus on speed throughout the entire concentric (ascent) portion of the lift.

III. Accessory

Alternating EMOM 12

10-12 HSPU (strict, then kipping)
10-12 Strict T2B

  1. The 12 HSPU should be unbroken. Do as many as you can strict then switch to kipping if need be.

IV. Conditioning

6 Rounds
400m Run
(Rest 2 Minutes)

  1. The goal is AFAP without a critical drop off (deviation of 5s or more). Think 88-90%. 


Trust - Teamwork - Sacrifice - Discipline

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