Deep Comp- 12/15/15

 I. Warmup

100 Double Unders

2 Rounds 

10 Wide Grip Pullups

10 Strict Weighted Ring Dips

II. Strength

A. Snatch- 5 x 1 @88%

  1. If you miss a set, drop down by 10 pounds for the following set. If the lighter set is successful, move back to 88%.

B. Every 30s for 5 Minutes (10 sets): 1 Snatch @75%

IV. Conditioning

5 Rounds

5 Strict Deficit HSPU (45+25 / 45#)

5 UB Hang Power Snatch 135/95#

15 GHD Situps

Rest 2 Minutes

V. Aerobic Work

Row for times:

1000m row (rest 3 minutes)

750m row (rest 2 minutes)

500m row (rest 1 minute)

250m row

  1. Use the rower's "variable intervals" option


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