Deep Comp- 12/4/15

I. Warmup

500m row

2 Rounds  

10 Chin-ups (underhand) 

10 Weighted Ring Dips

II. Strength  

A. Top-Down Clean Deadlifts- 4x1 @95%

B. Top-Down Snatch Deadlifts- 4x1  @95%

  1. Based on your Clean and Snatch max
  2. Take the barbell from the rack and descend as slowly as possible while being sure to hit the proper positions (back flat, shins vertical at knee, weight shifting from heels to toes on descent). 
  3. Touch and go and come up as quickly as possible with perfect form. As you finish the deadlift extend into triple extension and then rack the barbell.  
  4. Straps may be used if you're limited by your grip.  

III. Conditioning  


10/8 Cal Asaault Bike

15 Wallball 20/14#

Trust - Teamwork - Sacrifice - Discipline

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