Deep Comp- 11/13/15

We would like you guys to jump in with the 9am Training Class because Chip and Eric will be in New York for Eric's Wedding. This will be a great opportunity for you guys to get to know members and support the rest of the community around you. Push your teammates as well as the regular gym members. Get out of your comfort zone and show these folks what we're about!

I. Warm-Up

4 Rounds

Row 45s @ 70%

Row 15s @ 99%

Prone/Supine Scorpion x 10 each side

II. Strength

A. 4 Sets of Complex: Snatch High Pull + Hang Snatch + Hip Snatch @75-80%

  1. On snatch high pull, focus on keeping back angle constant from the floor to mid thigh, when transferring to the power position, keep heels on the ground and arms straight, once hips/knees/ankles have extended (triple extension), you should stay extended and pull the bar as high as possible, with the goal being your breast bone.
  2. During the hang snatch, after hip hinging to above the knee, be sure to keep your back angle the same and drive your legs through the floor until the bar reaches mid thigh (just like the snatch pull), at this point be sure to pass through the power position (heels flat, shoulders above barbell, knees slightly bend, arms straight) before vertically jumping and pulling under the bar.
  3. During the hip snatch, from a standing position, you simply bend your knees slightly to initiate bar contact with the hip pocket, at that point you extend vertically and pull under the bar. Your shoulders do not move forward.

B. Overhead KB Walking Lunges 3 x 16

  1. Sets across. Do not use a weight that forces you to pause for more than a second between reps.
  2. Your shoulder and elbows joints must be locked out the entire time. If this is not possible, use less weight.

III. Conditioning (gymnastics speed work)

5 HSPU and 5 C2B Pullups

Rest 5 Minutes

4 C2B Pullups and 4 HSPU

  1. HSPU are kipping.
  2. If you reach failure, take two minutes off and then proceed where you left off.
  3. All sets must be unbroken and as fast as possible. Scale accordingly. 
  4. This should be relatively easy. Focus on smooth, technically sound, fast reps.  

Trust - Teamwork - Sacrifice - Discipline

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