Barbell - 01/21/2015

Advance Day 2 - Week 2Same as last week compare your abilities and let me know if any improvement! Remember we are working in 4 week blocks.

Clean %’s off of Boxes at Knees 6@70% 5@75% 4@80% 3@85% 2@90% 1@95%

Then complete 10 Reps @ 85% (misses don’t count) for TIME

High Hang + Hang + Full Snatch x 4 sets (goal is 75%+)

OHS x 3 x 5 sets by feel try to increase over last week 2-3k if form permits

- Reps are not touch and go off boxes - get set for every rep. If you are not able to complete your 90% move on to the 85% for time. If you feel 85% will not happen today lower down to a weight that will and keep track of that for future reference when this drill comes up again

BarbellEric Rosenstock