2015 Deep Nutrition Challenge!

Announcing The 2015 Deep Nutrition Challenge

The New Year is here and the CrossFit Games are around the corner. We’ve got our new Nutrition Challenge and it is sure to be our best yet. We have a lot of exciting changes to the format this year and we can’t wait to see the amazing results. The challenge will be 6 weeks starting with a seminar Saturday, January 10th @ Noon and conclude on Saturday, February 21st.

The goal for this challenge is to provide helpful education on how to properly fuel the body. This includes learning about the function of foods and the positive and negative effects they can have on the body. This challenge is tailored to your goals whether it be to lose weight, gain muscle, gain strength or all of the above! Ultimately we want to provide participants with long-lasting knowledge and the tools necessary to continue a healthy lifestyle.

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Seminar and Kick-off Saturday, January 10th @ Noon - Seminar / Weigh-ins / Photos / Performance Tests / Challenge Packet Including Food List

What’s New Here are a few highlights 1. We will be doing weekly weigh-ins 2. We will be doing weekly nutrition seminars led by Mandy Brown! 3. We will cover goal setting & habit change 4. We will cover macro nutrients, meal frequency, and pre/post nutrient timing

Introducing Mandy! For those of you who don’t already know her at the gym, Mandy is an amazing nutritionist and her approach is simple and the focus of our Nutrition Challenge. Learn more about her here, and check out her blog here! She will be leading the challenge and we couldn’t be more excited.

Testimonials Here are some testimonials from past Nutrition Challenges!

"I had PR's on lifts (deadlift, front squat and back squat) and increased endurance. I just had more in my tank for fuel because of how I was eating. I realized that timing of carb intake around my workout time was key. I just felt better in general, more energy, especially doing WOD's, and sleep quality increased, and I lost inches all over! I plan on continuing this way of eating past the 6 week mark. I was most impressed that I could gain strength and shed fat at the same time! I am so glad I did this!”

“For starters, I’m down 9.2 lbs; I’ve lost 2.5 in on my waist, an inch from thighs and hips, and half an inch on my arms. My clothes are fitting better. I’m much stronger and faster than I was 5 weeks ago….. I feel really good! I think I’m sleeping better, and I don’t feel that 3pm afternoon slump as badly. I feel more even energy levels throughout the day.”