Programming and December Testing

We hope you all enjoyed throwing in a squat cycle the past 6 weeks. We saw a crap ton of huge PRs so we are really happy with the results. We also learned a whole lot even though the majority wasn't a huge surprise. Below are some take-aways and information on where we are heading with programming in the New Year! 1. Consistency = Results. Not much we really need to expound upon here. If you make it regularly, you are going to see results.

2. You can't do everything. It is important to remember that introducing too many variables to a training program can muddy things up real quick. Try to stick to one program for 6 weeks rather than jumping back and forth cherry-picking workouts.

3. We liked this experiment but realize we can do even better.

4. Just because we have a lot of people in a group setting doesn't mean we can't get more individual with training.

So what are we going to do now? During the remainder of the year and start of January we are going to have certain "Test" days where we want you to track your score. This could be metabolic, strength, skill, etc. This information will be important because the coaches will be able to individualize the programming based on your results. Whether you are brand new or an OG, we know you have goals and we want to better help you reach them.

The CrossFit Games Open is around the corner and we wan't to make sure you are prepared! January and February will be heavily geared towards maximizing your potential in The Opens. So in case you were wondering, yes you are doing it this year!

Also, stay tuned to awesome changes coming to the Barbell program. Our goal is to make all of our programs work better with one another.

Get ready for an amazing 2015.

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