Three Wise Men – Veteran’s Day Tribute

1383967_733294733421659_2303083868342806497_n On Veterans Day, November 11th we will join other CF gyms around the country to help raise awareness toward the obstacles faced by our veterans returning from combat.

“Suicide among combat veterans is a major tragedy facing our military community and society today. And, it is one of the most unknown tragedies. The THREE WISE MEN TRIBUTE aims to raise awareness of the problems facing our veterans today by bringing together a supportive community to honor our combat veterans who made it back from war, highlight programs that are helping our returning veterans and ensure America’s warriors know there is help and support. The proceeds from this event will go directly to helping returning veterans get access to the help and services they need.”

If you would like to find out more and donate to this great cause, please do so here: Select Affiliate: “CrossFit Deep”