Brittany Grignon

My yoga journey stemmed from my fascination of the body and its ability to move in the most powerful and graceful ways. Through out my life I have, in many ways, explored my fascination/curiosity: dancer from the time I could walk, played close to every sport my high school offered, and obtained my Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology during my collegiate years. I stumbled onto a yoga mat after sustaining a running injury and I was a site to be scene. I couldn’t sit still, when my eyes were suppose to be closed they were wide open, I made audible all my frustrations throughout the class, and at one point I literally fell into the person next to me. The challenge and my injury kept me coming back to the mat, but as my running injury healed and I was able to complete a class without harming those around me; I found myself seeking out that brief hour where all it is about is your mind, body, and breath.


CoachesEric Rosenstock