Dallas Summer Classic Details

Below are more details in regards to the Dallas Summer Classic Weightlifting Championships on Saturday. We are planning on having four sessions. The start times for the sessions are 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm. Weigh in will be two hours before your session. The first two sessions will be for female lifters, the second two sessions will be for male lifters. We will organize individuals by announced entry total with higher totals lifting in the later sessions respectively.

First place per weight class is awarded a tshirt. The lifter with the best Sinclair male and female score will get $100.

We are stilling finalizing the set list. We need the following information from all lifters by Tuesday @ 10am:

USAW Member Number Copy of current USAW Member card, otherwise please provide card at weigh-in for verification of current membership Weight Class Announce Entry Total(Will be used to organize sessions) Birthdate Gender

Please email spencer@crossfitdeep.com before Tuesday at 10am with the above information. A set list will be sent out after we have gathered all the required information.