Opening Day Info

It's finally here! We can't wait to see you today and this week at our new space. Below is some info about the new location and some new rules to help us keep Deep's home awesome. Like with all moves, it always takes more time than you originally thought, and you always end up needing a few extra items. We hope you will pardon our dust as we fine tune the space over the next week. We will be adding some finishing touches and improvements throughout the week. If you notice we forgot something, please let us know! Remember, this cool new space is all about you. If you think we need something, we want to know!

Also, If you left something at the old space, let a coach know so we can open it up for you.

We also want to announce a few new rules:

1. Dogs. Man's best friend can also be a bit distracting during classes. All dogs must now be tied up outside of the gym. Please use a short leash as Canton is a much busier street and we want your dog to be safe from drivers not paying attention. If your dog is prone to barking, we ask that you please leave them at home.

2. Kids. Our new larger space means supervision is extra important. If you bring your kiddos, we ask that they be supervised. We will be announcing our expanded CrossFit Kids classes shortly. This will be a great way to get your workout in while your kid does too!

3. Parking. We have a much bigger parking lot across the street from our building. Please park there and not directly in front of the building. You may also park along the street on Hall which wraps behind the gym.

4. Walls. We are trying to keep them super clean and scuff free. We ask that you perform all wall related movements on our concrete walls or the large structural beams.

5. Chalk. We know you wish you were LeBron, but please keep the chalk in the buckets. If you haven't noticed, we have quite a bit more floor space. Please chalk your hands up in the bucket rather than carrying around the blocks with you.