Switch to Front Desk

We're upgrading to a new member management system called Front Desk! This includes our website and the online tools that are available for you to manage your schedule at CrossFit Deep. With Front Desk you can log in to see your account details, update credit card information, sign our electronic waiver, and manage how you want to be notified about appointments, classes, courses, and events. To help with the transition we have migrated most of your account details. Here's what we need from you to help with the switch.

1. Please confirm your account at https://deep.frontdeskhq.com/welcome by entering your email address 2. You'll receive a verification email with a link to the site to set your password 3. You'll receive a second email asking you to sign our electronic waiver. Electronic waivers are an integrated component of our new system, which is a huge improvement from our paper waivers

Afterwards, update your credit card information:

1. Tap on "Payment Methods" 2. Tap on "+ Add New Card" 3. Add your billing information, and click "save".

To sign our electronic waiver:

1. Tap the alert at the top of your profile page that says "Complete a waiver before your next visit" 2. Then tap "sign now" 3. Our waiver will be emailed to you via DocuSign, just open your email to sign. If you have any problems confirming your account or are unsure of the email address we have on file for you, please email us at info@crossfitdeep.com.

We're excited about these changes, especially the improved mobile access for checking the schedule of services at CrossFit Deep and managing your membership.

Please let us know how you like Front Desk, and thank you for helping with the change!

-CrossFit Deep Team