Introducing Supplements By Ten Institute

We are proud to start offering supplements from Ten Institute. If you've been coming to Deep for any length of time, you know how particular we are about the products we recommend. We've always told our members to start with eating real food before worrying about supplements. The main reason we only carry Fish Oil and Whey protein is because most products have a lot of crap in them that we don't feel comfortable selling. After spending time researching the products Ten Institute produces, we finally found supplements developed with quality ingredients as the main goal.

If you have any questions about any of the supplements we now offer, please feel free to talk to any of the coaches. We all take a variety of different supplements and can recommend which ones make sense. Remember, a supplement should be exactly that, a supplement to your every day diet. In certain instances it makes sense, in others it doesn't. We will never recommend taking any supplements unless we truly believe they will benefit your health and help you reach your goals.

Ten Institute