Ghost Of A Chance

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes

2 Power Cleans + 1 Jerk 15-20 Double Unders depending on skill

4 Rounds

Partner A: 200m Row (all out sprint) Partner B: Max Wallball Partner C: Rest

Rotate until all three partners have completed 4 rounds.

Important Announcement

From Spencer,

Almost four years ago, in July 2010, Megan I moved to Dallas with no home, no friends, and nowhere to really drop roots. Our plan was to move to Dallas, let me complete my master’s degree, and move directly home as fast as possible. We were both hesitant to make friends, establish a community, or get too attached to anything specific in Dallas. CrossFit Deep Ellum made that impossible. We were immediately taken into the community and immediately made to feel at home. As the gym grew and our roots grew deeper and deeper in this community, we felt more and more like this is the place we would live for the rest of our lives. Our plan to move back home was slowly becoming a thing of the past.

However, with the addition of our new baby girl Emma Katherine, some of our priorities have changed and shifted a bit. Last week, Megan and I were offered the opportunity to move home. Kings Ridge Christian School in Alpharetta, Georgia offered me a job as Strength and Conditioning Coordinator and Christian Education teacher. The opportunity to be near family, put our kids through a private school education, and enjoy the benefits of a school year schedule is something we could not pass up. When Megan and I listed the pros and cons of taking the job or staying here in Dallas, every con we listed for leaving Dallas involved friends and community we would miss (and the amazing food). We are sad to leave such an amazing community of friends, but we know that our time in Dallas was well spent, and we could not be more grateful for each of you.

There's no hard date on when we will be moving this summer, but it will probably be sometime in the middle of June or July. We plan to make the most of our time here before we leave.

Thank y’all for being such an awesome community.

Spencer Arnold