RFFC 2014 Winners!

The winners for the advanced division are:

Male - Ryan Female - TIE! - Katie and Lacy

The winners for the beginners division are:

Male - Karthik Female - Marisa

The winners were selected based on both their body composition changes and their performance in the workout. They each won $175 for showing the most improvements. Basically, they just got paid to look better naked. Below is a short write up about the winners and why we selected them.


13back 13side

Ryan lost quite a bit around his midsection and gained some more definition in his upper back. He also increased his performance in the workout by 40 reps and increased his 1RM Thruster by 5 pounds.


18back 18side

Katie had a huge transformation in her midsection, and you can see ab definition in the side picture. She increased her workout performance by eight reps as well.



Lacy had a full body transformation. You can see significant changes throughout her back, arms, and midsection. She increased her Thruster 1RM by 5 pounds and her workout by 29 reps!


Karthik made some amazing changes in five short weeks. We are unable to share his pictures, but they really are amazing. He probably lost a couple of pants sizes at least. He increased his Thruster 1RM by 10 pounds and the workout by 52 reps!



Marisa also had a full body transformation. You can see more definition in her abs and legs now. She increased her Thruster 1RM by 10 pounds and the workout by 35 reps!

We hope you can carry the information learned from this challenge with you and keep on eating real food. You can see the changes made in only five short weeks. Can you imagine the transformation if you maintained this for five months or longer? It’s ok to have cheat meals from time to time, but eating real food works, and we want to see you guys get the body you are working for.

If you would like your pictures emailed to you, please email lindsay@crossfitdeep.com