2014 Real Food & Fitness Challenge

The Real Food & Fitness Challenge is back!! Just like last time, we are splitting up the beginners and the advanced signees. The beginners will be separated into smaller groups with a Coach as their point of contact. The advanced group will be one large group and will have one Coach as a point of contact and a Team Leader (Current member who has mastered the art of Real Food). You must be a current member to sign up. If your membership has expired the system won’t let you sign up. After five weeks, you WILL feel better and perform better. This will be a good opportunity to get you ready for the Opens that start in February. Now for the details: Begins January 11th, 2013 @ 9:30am for the Advanced group and 10:30am for the Beginners group!

Ends February 15th, 2013

The beginner division will receive a lot more hands-on help from the coaches in the form of an information packet, lectures, meet-ups and meetings. The advanced division is for those that already know what they are doing, but need a reason to get motivated and back on track. The advanced members are encouraged to bring a Real Food Dish and recipe for the beginners at the start of the challenge.

The workout will be done during the class times on Monday, January 13th.

Origin Kitchen + Bar has also been super supportive and is offering 15% off their food items during the RFFC. We will give you a specific card to use at Origin for the discount. You will need the card to get the discount.

Beginner Division: ($50 entry fee)

Nutrition and Fitness Lectures Nutrition Packet Real Food & Fitness Challenge Shirt Assigned Deep Nutrition Coach Must keep a Nutrition Journal Before and After Pictures Required Top Prizes for Winners 15% off at Origin Kitchen + Bar


Advanced Division: ($25 entry fee)

Must have competed in one of our previous Food Challenges Real Food & Fitness Challenge Shirt Assigned Deep Nutrition Coach and Team Leader Must keep a Nutrition Journal Before and After Pictures Required First Place Prizes for Men and Women 15% off at Origin Kitchen + Bar


A few words from participants in the previous RFFC:

“By the end of the challenge, the real foods I was eating tasted so much better and satisfying than before the challenge. The 5 weeks has actually made me crave real foods over the convenient "delicious" "foods" I was eating before.” - Sam

“Performance gains all over the place, better body comp, lost a belt size and 8 lbs (from an admittedly high starting point as I was boozing and eating cookies for two weeks straight over the holidays).” - Fritz

“It did make me feel an overall healthiness in regards to my body, I did at times notice an increase in energy levels as well.” - Angie

“For starters, I'm down 9.2 lbs; I've lost 2.5 in on my waist, an inch from thighs and hips, and half an inch on my arms. My clothes are fitting better. I'm much stronger and faster than I was 5 weeks ago….. I feel really good! I think I'm sleeping better, and I don't feel that 3pm afternoon slump as badly. I feel more even energy levels throughout the day.” - Christina

“I am down almost two belt loops; I'm wearing clothes I haven't felt confident wearing in over a year. I feel better than I have ever felt in my life.” - Steven

“I can honestly say that I feel amazing.” - Crystal