2014 Texas State Weightlifting Championships

Coming up this January is the biggest local meet that the state of Texas has seen to date. Ranking in size only behind this past year's American Open, the Texas State Championship plays hosts to a multitude of teams from around the state with 244 lifters. The meet is being held at the Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre January 18-19. Deep Barbell will be well represented with over 15 lifters and are looking to redeem our second place finish last year with a gold this year. We would love to have as many people from the gym to help support our lifters as possible. We will add start times for weight classes in the comments as they become finalized.

Competing from our own club are:

- Spencer Arnold - Eric Rosenstock - Lindsay Marshall - Adam Amorose - Robert Hendrickson - Kasey Moore - William Heitmann - Sarah McCraw - Brittney Staley - Kim Coates - Jill Merritt - Edward Han - Tiffany Hillert - Natalia Lichagina - Lacy Bishline - Christianne Edlund

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