2014 Olympic Lifting Cycle

Starting February 3rd begins the first Olympic Cycle of 2014! We will be offering 3 different programs starting with this cycle. We are offering a competition cycle which is a required 5x a week program designed to prepare athletes for weightlifting competition. This class is available anytime there is an olympic lifting class in the gym. We will still offer a 2x week program for advanced and introductory lifters. The advanced class is the second phase after completing the intro course and it meets Monday at 6am, Wednesday at 7:30pm, and Saturday at 8:30am. The intro course requires the attendees come to class EITHER Tuesday at 6am OR Thursday at 7:30pm and the Saturday 7:30am class is required. We are looking forward to getting started with our new 12 week cycle in the new year.

If you are interested please email spencer@crossfitdeep.com to get signed up.

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