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Power Snatch

5x2 @ 85-90%

As quickly as possible

30 Wallball 30 Toes to bar 30 Box jumps 30 Clapping pushups 30 Calorie row / Airdyne

Coaches Notes

Power movements for the Olympic lifts are definitely a double-edged sword. On one hand they can be extremely helpful for developing speed and emphasizing certain aspects of the lift. On the other hand, they can generate poor / sloppy mechanics when done incorrectly. A power movement simply means the hips never get below the knees when receiving the bar. For the Power Snatch, the bar should be locked completely overhead with the hips somewhere above the knee. The most common "Power" mistake I see involves stopping the hips above the knee without having the bar fully locked out. This requires the lifter to do a "Snatch Press" and defeats the purpose of the movement. Remember, tomorrow is not competition day. The weight is meaningless if the technique is not being improved and reinforced.

This is just incredible. Yes, that weight he just threw up with ease was a world record. 512 pounds...