Out 2 Space


Goblet Squat Knees to Elbow Thruster (75/45) Kettlebell Swing

Coaches Notes

You need to be spending more time on your mobility. Trust me, if the coaches had our way you would be spending an hour doing mobility work every day before class and after. Obviously we don't have the luxury of doing this. This means you need to be doing it on your own. Buy a lacrosse ball and PVC pipe. Maybe even buy a couple resistance bands. Do an FMS and go to the Mobility Class with Drew. Your body is quite resilient, but if you ignore issues for long enough, they can lead to pain. If your shoulder is tight now, don't just ignore it until it begins to hurt. Do something about it. We usually spend about 10 minutes a day in classes on mobility. Spend that much time at home at night or in the morning and I promise you will feel better and see improved results.