Don't Explain

4 Rounds

50 Double Unders 8 Deadlifts (275/185) Run 200m Rest 2 Minutes

Coaches Notes

Big News! Our new female tanks are in. They are $25 and will go fast so get yours while they last. Men's shirts should be in later today and are $20. These are both throwback designs. If you are in the Oly class and pre purchased one of the new Oly shirts, they are also at the gym.

Being uncomfortable is something we naturally try to avoid at all costs. At CrossFit we often train our bodies in uncomfortable situations. The aversion to being uncomfortable is the biggest road block preventing us from reaching our ultimate fitness goals. One of the easiest ways to cope with pain is to be more mentally aware of it. During today's workout, be more aware of what hurts, how fast you are breathing, how fast your heart is beating, and then realize that you always have more in the tank. Really focus in on everything you are feeling and you will actually become calmer. Workouts with built in rest are perfect for training pain threshold. On every round try and step a little bit further outside of your comfort zone.