Someone Something

5 Sets

3 Press 3 Push Press 3 Jerk

2 Rounds

1 Min Max Push Press 2 Min Max Air Squats 3 Min Max Double Unders Rest 2 Minutes

Coaches Notes

For the barbell complex, all movements are performed consecutively without the bar touching the floor or being re-racked. The goal is to achieve a max weight. For most, the difficult lift will be the press. Focus on completing the first three reps quickly and with good form to avoid over taxing the shoulders early. It is easy to push the bar away from the shoulders, creating a much harder bar path. Focus on driving the bar towards the nose to keep the bar close and moving vertically. The best breathing technique for multiple overhead movements is to breathe out and back in while the bar is stable and locked out over head. Hold your breath as you lower the barbell and immediately begin the next rep.