Overhead Squat

1 rep max


Death By Shuttle Run

Perform one shuttle run the first minute, two shuttle runs the second minute, and so on, until you can no longer complete the run within the minute. At the start of each minute, before you begin your shuttle runs, complete: 2 Overhead Squats @ 60% of 1 rm

Coaches Notes

The overhead squat is definitely the trickiest of the three squats we perform regularly. Not only does it require a ton of mobility throughout the body, but it's also freaking scary to hold heavy weight over your head while moving up and down. One of the biggest issues I often see is that people have a difficult time thinking about two things at the same time. The overhead squat requires the lifter to not only focus on proper movement in the legs, but also keeping the bar locked out overhead. A trick I have used before is to pretend that you are continually pushing the bar overhead while squatting. This is usually simple enough to maintain throughout the duration of the squat.