Shot After Shot

Split Jerk


Only increase weight if the technique is sound.

3 Rounds

10 Clean & Jerks (135#/95#) 10 Burpees

Immediately followed by: 1000m Row

Coaches Notes

The split jerk is generally superior to the power or squat jerk due to the wider base. This provides much more stability and greater room for error. The split is also an easier position mobility wise. I like the video below because, well let's be honest, the faces are hilarious. But also the video shows two important things, the quick foot work, and the aggressiveness in which they push themselves under the bar. Pay attention to some of the slow-mo close ups of foot work. Back knee is bent, weight is distributed evenly or slightly more on the back foot, the front knee is over the ankle, and the feet are squat width from each other. The best lifters tend to follow this pattern.