Lazy Projector

1 & 1/4 Front Squat


After each set, perform 25 Double Unders, then rest 75 seconds


Front Squat (135/95) Bar Facing Burpees Rest 90 seconds after each couplet

Coaches Notes

A 1 & 1/4 Squat consists of one full squat, followed by ascending one quarter of the way up, and then returning back down again before standing all the way back up. This movement is great for developing strength through the lower portion of the squat.

If you are heading to San Antonio and want to caravan with us, we will be leaving from the gym at 2pm on Thursday. Strength in numbers as they say. In this case, it's less chance of getting pulled over...

Also! Wednesday night at 7pm we will be doing a Team Deep sign making party!

Show your support and help cheer Team Deep on at Regionals! Lets get crafty and make some signs to help motivate the team and show everyone how strong our community is.

What to Bring: Poster Boards Markers Paint Pens Glitter Scissors Adult Bevs.....