Olympic Lifting Cycle

The new Olympic lifting cycle will begins this week. Our Olympic lifting programming is based upon a 12-week cycle in which each week builds upon the week prior to it. There are two levels of programming in the Olympic lifting class. Our beginner’s level class gives significant weight to the teaching side of the lifts and emphasizes the technique of the snatch and clean and jerk. In the beginner’s class, members will develop proper technique to the lifts and work out bad habits that prevent efficiency and gains in the lifts. Our advanced level class builds upon the beginner’s class and gives greater attention to weighted movements and heavier lifts in an effort to see significant improvement in max effort Olympic lifts. For those of you who are considering the Olympic lifting, I would encourage you to talk to those who have completed the cycle and ask them about the improvement they have seen in their Olympic lifts and overall strength. Our class is designed for you to see improvement both in your Crossfit classes and your general physical fitness. I have always believed that the Olympic lifts are an all-inclusive form of fitness; the Nyquil of working out so to speak. Our class at Deep Ellum has proved this reality to be true for our members. In the past 12-week cycle we’ve seen a 11.6% average increase in member’s Snatch max, 9.2% increase in member’s Clean and Jerk max, 15.5% average increase in member’s Front Squat max, and 13.3% increase in member’s Back Squat. To translate that means if you were to start the program with a 100 pound back squat and complete the entire cycle. Your back squat would max out at 113 pounds 12 weeks later. That is our average. Many have jumped to as much as 50% above where they started. The Olympic program works as a great way to see your technique improve, your strength significantly increase, and become more efficient in Crossfit workouts.

Class Times:

Monday 6:00am - Adv. Tuesday 6:00am - Beg. Wednesday 7:30pm - Adv. Thursday 7:30pm - Beg. Saturday 8:30am - All