Keep On Smiling

5 Rounds, not for time

5 Unbroken Push Jerks (heavy) 10 Pendlay Rows (20X1 tempo) Rest 2 minutes

As many reps as possible in 6 minutes

5 Pistols (each leg) 10 Push Ups 15 Situps

Coaches Notes

The pendlay row is a great way to develop strength in the upper back as well as secondary strength in the hip and back. The video below shows a more common bent row, where the bar never touches the ground. The only difference between this version and the pendlay row, is that we take the bar back down to the ground every time. You will notice in the video, that there is little to no movement in the back during the row. It is important to make this a strict movement, not an explosive jerking motion through the hips to generate force. This is an easy movement to go too heavy on. Make sure that you are able to touch the bar to the chest on every rep without having to generate force with the hips.