The Lucky Ones

3 rounds

150 Double Unders 21 Kettlebell Swings (53#/35#) 12 Pullups

Coaches Notes

I thought I would get out ahead of the most recent "Red Meat Will Kill You" crap floating around the media recently. A Harvard study is trying to associate red meat consumption with risk of cancer and cardiovascular mortality. They seem very convinced with their data. Their highly scientific data collection protocol? Asking their participants to fill out a questionnaire once every four years... There are so many holes in this study that I am not going to list them here. Plus, there are smarter people that have already done so. If you are already being hounded by friends who think you eat an all meat diet, check out Jonny Bowden's breakdown of the study. Remember, you are what your meat ate. Just like you wouldn't eat veggies that had been doused in pesticides (at least not knowingly), you should try and avoid meat from animals not raised on a natural diet. It is preposterous to blame red meat without looking at the source and without looking at the person's other dietary choices. For all we know those who ate more red meat also ate more bags of cheetos.