Simple Graces


Reach a heavy triple in 15 minutes



21-15-9 Deadlift (60-75% of triple) Handstand Pushups

Coaches Notes

Diane is supposed to be a very quick workout. Under 8 minutes. For this reason, the deadlift should not be a weight that greatly challenges you. We are looking for something we can perform at least 10 reps in a row at. The reason we have selected a range of percentages is because not everyone has the same neuromuscular efficiency. Don't think of this as a good or bad thing. Having low is helpful for some activities, and high for others. Our training also impacts our NME. If you tend to be able to perform high reps closer to your one-rep-max, then you should use a higher percentage for this workout. The opposite holds true for those who can't. The reason I bring this up is because sometimes we bring out the calculator and assume it is infallible. If you put something on the bar and it feels too heavy or too light, even though it matches the percentage you believe you should be using, adjust the weight accordingly.