Met Before

Overhead Squat



3 Rounds, not for time

20m Walking Lunge Max Rep Pushups Rest

Coaches Notes

Lunges are a great tool to improve hip stability and single leg balance. Unfortunately we don't get as much out of them when we do them too quickly and compromise proper movement. During today's lunges, focus extra hard on your position. Make sure your forward knee and ankle aren't caving inward. Look behind and check whether or not the ankle has caved to the side to make up for lack of flexibility. Ideally your rear leg and foot should be in-line and parallel with one another. This holds true for the front leg as well. Your forward knee should be right over your ankle. Also make sure that the forward knee does not track in front of the toe. Often weak glutes and hamstrings will lead to this forward position. Try and sink your hips directly between both feet.