Silence Is Talking


Rowing Technique

As many reps as possible in 10 minutes

7 Push Press 10 Toes to bar 13 Box Jumps

Coaches Notes

Kind of ironic that we created this workout two weeks ago and it is very close to this week's games workout. A few of our members have done it already so I have some advice for everyone. The box jumps become the hardest part. The quads will fatigue quickly from the push press so focus on your landing positions both on and off the box. Remember, we want the knees out to the side to avoid any collapsing. Try your best to rest on top of the box rather than at the bottom. Creating momentum from a dead stop requires more energy. If you use the reflex of landing on the ground to bound back up, you will be a lot more efficient. For the toes to bar, don't just think about raising the legs, think about turning the whole body over. My Sensei back in the day always said, "where the head goes, the body follows", which was very useful in self defense, and it relates to this as well. If you tilt the head back and over, your body will follow and your legs will raise more easily.