Conscious Burning

Front Squat

5x5 at working weight

After each set of Front Squat 250m Row

Rest 3 minutes before returning to Front Squat

Coaches Notes

Front squat tip of the day. One of the toughest aspects of the Front Squat is maintaining an upright torso. A lot of elements cause the common forward tilt we see in many athletes. Since we tend to focus on the cue of "keeping the elbows high" sometimes our attention is directed away from another major problem area. The area I am referring to is the upper back. A lot of times people will try to raise their elbows through the shoulder rather than actually tightening up through the thoracic spine. One of the reasons we roll out the upper back is because we want to gain greater potential extension in the spine. Often the elbows drop not because we lack movement in the shoulders, but because our entire upper spine is curving downward. When you rack the bar on the shoulders, try and lift your chest up, and squeeze the muscles of your upper back together. You should notice that your elbows will get higher when you do this. When you begin the squat, focus all of your energy on keeping your spine tight in this position. Filling up with lots of air will help support you as you squat down and up.