Dry The Rain

Power Snatch

Work up to a heavy double in 15 minutes

As many reps as possible in 7 minutes


Top scores from the gym: Kevin Klein - 127  /  Anthony Mungioli - 121  /  Andrew Carter - 120 Jess Myers - 134  /  Tara Cash - 123  /  Heather Bartlett - 107

Coaches Notes

Nothing highlights improper form better than a movement performed for very high reps. The first Opens workout really exposed people's flaws. Tight hamstrings, tight pectorals, poor hip flexion / extension, weak ankles, the list goes on. Do one burpee with one or more of these affecting you and no big deal. Repeat for over 100 reps, and it becomes a completely different matter. We focus on mobility a lot in classes for this reason. Trust me, it isn't the most fun, glorious, or fulfilling thing to spend time doing. But by spending time on fixing your body, you will ensure that you will get to do the things you do find fun for the rest of your life. So the next time you want to skimp on rolling out your IT bands, remember that you are taking care of your body so that it can do the things you love.