Some Nights

Mobility Work

Shoulder and Hip


1000m Row 50 Thrusters (45#) 30 Pullups

Coaches Notes

We don't really push supplements at this gym, because we believe eating real food is always the answer. There are however a couple supplements we will recommend. You have heard us perhaps discuss Fish Oil and occasionally magnesium. The big one that I find most people leaving out is Vitamin D. This is an extremely important vitamin. There are just so many benefits. First off, it is integral in calcium and phosphorous absorption, and secondly it has been shown to influence higher testosterone production. I personally take 5-10k ius every day depending on how I feel. I only do this when I know I am not getting enough sun exposure. Once summer comes around and I am in the sun a lot, I take it less frequently. Try it out, you will feel better.

Jake not paying attention.