The Reflection Of You

Skill Work

Muscle Up Skill Practice

As many rounds as possible in 12

5 Burpee Box Jumps 10 Pullups 15 Toes to bar 30 Double Unders

Coaches Notes

Muscle ups usually present a major challenge for people not because of the strength requirement, but usually more so with the skill requirement. The transition into the dip position can be tricky when first learning. The video below shows how to use bands to allow more focus to be placed on the transition. Just like in barbell movements, the further the bar is away from you, the harder it is to lift. In the case of muscle ups, the further those rings get from the shoulder, the more difficult it will be to transition over the top. Another parallel to barbell lifts is with the elbow. Bending the arms too early during the kip will greatly reduce the amount of power transfered through the body. Keep those arms straight during the kip and make sure the hips begin the motion first, not the arms.