Friend Of The Animals

For Max Reps

Round 1 Burpees x 60 seconds Pull-ups x 60 seconds Squats x 60 seconds Pushups x 60 seconds

Round 2 Burpees x 45 seconds Pull-ups x 45 seconds Squats x 45 seconds Pushups x 45 seconds

Round 3 Burpees x 30 seconds Pull-ups x 30 seconds Squats x 30 seconds Pushups x 30 seconds

Round 4 Burpees x 15 seconds Pull-ups x 15 seconds Squats x 15 seconds Pushups x 15 seconds

There is no rest between rounds, the clock is constantly running.

Coaches Notes

Important reminder about our new class trial period. Next week we will begin holding 7:30am and 11:00am classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. This trial period will only be for two weeks. If you really want these classes to be added to our full lineup, please attend!

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