No Future Shock

Front Squat


Handstand Pushups


Alternate between each movement once you begin your working sets. The goal is to find the hardest variation of HSPUs you can perform 5 perfect reps at. Paralettes always make them a lot more interesting if you need a harder variation.

Coaches Choice

It will be up to the coach today to decide what fun is in store after the strength work is complete!

Coaches Notes

This is going to sound like a plug for Sara Fragoso's book but it really isn't. Since she started Every Day Paleo I have been a big fan and often check her site for good paleo recipes. Funny thing is that it was only recently that I found her before and afters. What some don't realize is that she found paleo eating through one of the best Strength and Conditioning Gyms in the US, NorCal S&C. This gym just so happens to be run by Robb Wolf and his wife Nicki Violetti. If the name Robb Wolf doesn't ring a bell, he kind of wrote this little book called The Paleo Solution. It is awesome by the way. Back to the original topic. Take a look at Sara Fragoso's inspirational transformation after joining NorCal and hopping on the paleo bandwagon. Quite a number of our members are currently doing the Paleo Challenge so this is a reminder to them but also to all of our members that we aren't kidding around when we say eating real food will change your life.