Paddling Out

Clean Pull Under


Hang Clean





AirDyne Sprints

3x 30 seconds

Coaches Notes

The clean pull under is a great way to work on the 3rd pull of the clean. This is the pull under the bar that occurs after reaching full extension in the jump. This will teach you what it feels like to be at full extension when initiating the 3rd pull. For those of you that tend to short your jump and never reach full extension this may feel awkward at first. Another great effect of the pull under is the emphasis on high elbows and speed for getting the bar to the shoulders smoothly and quickly. It helps to know your weaknesses. Chances are you have received cues from a coach and advice on the areas to focus. If the 3rd pull is an area that presents a great challenge for you, it is a good idea to add barbell pull unders to your standard warmup when doing cleans in any workout.