Saint Nothing

In 4 Minutes

30 Calorie Row Buy-in Max Distance Burpee Broad Jump Rest 4 minutes Repeat for a total of 3 rounds

Coaches Notes

Since we are about to do a whole lot of jumping and landing in the workout today it is important to discuss landing position. Kelly Starrett did a great video about this exact topic. When we land with force, issues we already have with foot position, arch and ankle support, difficulty with hip flexion, etc all get even more pronounced. We want to be aware of these issues before we put ourselves at risk. A great jump test is the bottom up jump. Start in a kneeling position and put your hands behind your head. Sit your butt to your heels and then explosively open the hips and move your legs out into a squat stance. Most people will find that where their feet land looks very different than their optimal foot position for a squat. Watch the videos below for great ways to work on fixing that ugly landing position.