The Paleo Traveler

If you travel a lot for business you already know the challenges of eating well on the go. While on the challenge I am sure some of you are dreading the first time you leave the safety of your home and quick access to Whole Foods. Here are some of my recommendations for those who have to travel and want to stay strict.

Plan Ahead

I can't stress how important it is to plan ahead for travel. Know your destination and your surroundings. Many cities have good grocery stores within walking distance. If you are going to a CrossFit nearby, email them and ask for the places nearby that they frequent for paleo fare. I answer a lot of emails from out of towners wanting to know where to eat in Dallas. Maybe your hotel has a fridge or could provide one if asked. This will help you store your yummy but perishable paleo foods.


Don't be afraid to skip a meal. Most business travelers tend to take earlier flights so skip the breakfast and wait till you reach your destination. Once you get to a place where you have access to good food again, eat up! Remember, just because you skip a meal doesn't mean you can forget about making it up later. Picture the food you would have eaten and make sure and add that to one or both of your remaining meals that day. If you have a quick turn-around try fasting for the whole day. A good 24 hour fast every once and a while does wonders for detoxing the liver and regulating your hormones. Plus most people find that after the initial hunger pangs, they feel very clear headed and more productive. Another great thing about a 24 hour fast is you learn what actual hunger feels like. Most people misinterpret cravings for hunger.

Paleo Snacks

Bring some paleo snacks to hold you over when every one else is eating like crap. Primal Pacs and Paleo Kits can be bought online and although not as good as fresh food, they are far better than a grain fed steak at fridays and broccoli cooked in crappy oils and butter. You can also make your own paleo kits at whole foods with some nuts, seeds, and a little dried fruit. Like all snacks, don't use these to replace a real meal. These are only to help you make it past a potential poor judgement.