Seven Devils

Rack Pulls

4x3 (from the knee) Rest

As quickly as possible

3 Rounds of "Nancy" 400 meter run 15 Overhead squats (95#/65#)

Coaches Notes:

A rack pull is a deadlift that starts off the ground from the rack. By setting the pins low on the rack we can accomplish a number of things with rack pulls. We can work on sticking points or target specific phases of the deadlift. Today we are targeting a phase of the deadlift, the phase that begins once the bar gets to about the knee. By positioning the shins almost vertical with the bar on pins resting right above the knee cap, we can target more of the posterior chain during the 2nd half of the deadlift. You will find that in this position you can lift more weight and work the hamstrings and glutes more. Make sure the back remains tight and don't shift the knees under the bar too early. We want to maximize the load on the hamstring.